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Drugstore Data-set

Figure A.6: Drugstore data before preprocessing. Distribution of profit margin (red, highest), revenue (blue, between), item count (green, lowest), and profit margin (red) for 21672 active customers and 1379 purchased product categories. Sorted by revenue per product (top) and per customer (bottom). Total revenue on 543,744 items sold is $1,974,824.52 and total profit margin is $908,302.88.

Figure A.7: Drugstore data sample RETAIL. Margin/revenue/item count distribution for 762 selected product categories (top) and 2466 sampled customers (bottom). Total revenue on 38,816 items sold is $126,899.03 and total profit is $45,151.18.

Table A.1: Exemplary market-baskets from drugstore data-set RETAIL.
{\footnotesize\begin{verbatim}Customer with rank 3...
...4.99 TP PICTURE FRAMES/HANGERS ITEMS 1423\end{verbatim}}

Alexander Strehl 2002-05-03