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Parallel Implementation

Another notion of scalability is w.r.t. the number of processors (speedup, iso-efficiency, etc.). Our analysis [SG00b] shows almost linear speedup for our method, as the similarity computation as well as graph partitioning can both be fairly trivially parallelized with little overhead. Parallel implementation of the all-pair similarity computation on SIMD or distributed memory processors is trivial. It can be done in a systolic or block systolic manner with essentially no overhead. Frameworks such as MPI also provide native primitives for such computations. Parallelization of METIS is also very efficient, and [SKK99], reports partitioning of graphs with over 7 million vertices in 7 seconds into 128 clusters on a 128 processor Cray T3E. For further details, see [SG00b].

Alexander Strehl 2002-05-03